Style Inspiration: Peplum Blazer

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

People use to match peplum top or outerwear with slim skirt or dress. For me, I prefer to match it with A line skirt or even umbrella skirt. Surprisingly, it can make me look slimmer :D

I love this new blazer from Nabilia. The pattern is unique. 

2pcs of Ceruti Shawl - Grey by Nabilia, Purple by RiaMiranda
Gilian Dress by Nabilia
Leah Jacket by Nabilia
Bag by Michael Kors
Flats by The Little Thing She Needs

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  1. Cantik fikaaa ^^. Eh itu shawlnya pakai 2 ya? Suka deh ungunya

    1. thank youu mia :) iyaa, itu aku pake 2 shawl. soalnya klo cuma 1 shawl ceruti masih transparan dan aku males pake ninja. haha

  2. Fikaaa.. seneng deh liat baju2 lo fiiik... jujur senengan liat gini drpd yg ribet hehe... cakep fik blazernyaaa

    1. thank youuu haan. gw jg skr ga demen yang ribet2. simple is the best. haha


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