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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I know I've been missing soo long. my last post is in 2012 and now already 2014 :D
Since there's instagram, I update more my outfit there, that's why this blog became neglected :(
Because as you know, this blog mostly talk about fashion and my daily outfit. This year I hope I can update this blog more often :)
anyway, I have an announcement for you all. I have a new blog, ESCAPE PLAN :D. As you may know, previously I have a wedding blog that share about my wedding preparation that I no longer update since I reviewed all the vendors.
Why should I make a new blog? because in ESCAPE PLAN, I'll share about my travelling experience. I'm not travel a lot, but I love to travel. I hope this blog will encourage me and husband to travel more often. haha. And, I'll write in bahasa in Escape Plan ;)
Hope you want to visit my new blog ;) I already write some stories about my latest trip to Hongkong :) I also share a lot of pictures there.
See you in Escape Plan dear friends :)

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  1. So happy to have you back in blogging Fika, kangen postingan2 nya :))


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