HC meet UK Minister

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the end of May, me and some friends from Hijabers Community had the opportunity to met UK minister, Baroness Warsi, the only muslim woman in UK government. She's such a very kind woman and the UK ambassador said that she has 5 children. what a great woman, isn't she? raising a child is not easy and she raised her child but still can managed her job as a miniter. But, so sad we can't took the pic with the ministry with our camera. 

Here are the pic of us in front of UK ambassador's house with one of the staff *forgot the name*.
Jenahara - Romiy - Nadya - Ayi - UK embassy's staff - Puput - Etu - Me

What I wore the the meeting

[Clara Dress - Nabilia | Unbranded bag | private collection shawl | wedges - UP]

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  1. really love the colour combination of your outfit kak!

    style frontier

  2. Salam kenal. Terima kasih banyak atas liputannya. Salut sekali dengan Baroness Warsi, terus terang baru pertama kali tahu berita ini..

  3. Woow so beautiful really,,,,,,,,,.


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