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Arisan Blomer Part 3

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the end of May, me and my friend from 'blogger married' met again for elok&kicky's wedding and we went to Pacific Place for our 'arisan' :)

Here we are at the wedding. Bold vs Pastel :)

Bold team: Kara - Nadya - Fitri
Pastel Team: Siti - Me - Suci - Romiy

Unfortunately, Siti can't joined us for the arisan. But, the show must goes on. right? haha. No, DSLR (siti used to take our photo), iphone is on :p

And this time winner is Nadya. She just back from KL and now will stay in Jakarta for good. This is the first time she attend the arisan from the beginning and she won!! How lucky she is.

Ola can't joined us that day because she was waiting for her baby born (which already born the time I wrote this post). Ghaida also can't joined because she has a job to do in Bandung.

And this is what I wore that day :)
[Brenda dress & Andra cardi - Nabilia | Instant cerutti shawl - shabilla | Necklace - sister's | bag - beloved late aunty]

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