Sisterhood Time

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Always fun to spend time with family and bestfriend :)
I supposed to post the photo about a month ago, but I just had mood to blog again. so, mind me, okay? ;)

As usual, this is what I wore. All of them are from nabilia :)
[Butterfly shawl, Bellatrix Dress, Freja Cardi - Nabilia]

Anyway, I just figure out that all my hijab tutorial video on youtube has been removed. I don't know how that can happened. So sad to know it, but I try to re-upload all the videos on my youtube chanel.

Beside that, all my blogroll also disappeared. Is it because I change my blog address? Did anyone experience anything like that too?

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  1. Iya Fika, ni aku juga ga bisa ganti alamat blogmu di blogroll aku, udah aku ganti, tapi masuknya tetep alamat yang lama...


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