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(Not My) Prewedding at Kota Tua

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Again, I wanna share some pictures that took about a month ago. It's when my cousin had her prewedding photoshoot at Kota Tua and she make me wanna have" after wed photoshoot". haha

With Amel (Bride to be) and my sister, nabila

Irna from DewiNeelam also join us as a Make Up Artist. She did a great job. My cousin love the result. So, we took some pictures together. I also learn a little about make up from her :)

And this is what I wore on that day

I'm wearing my new favorite pants from nabilia, named haylie pants. Sorry, if you gonna see a lot of pictures of with that pants. haha

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  1. kak fika, pindah yak addresnya, pantes ga keluar di update an reading list ku, mau aku follow keluarnya masih link yang lama..huhuhuhu..

  2. love your flowery top kak! you both look beautiful!


  3. Thank q for uploading yr hijab tutorial ... i find it simple by following yr video :D hope u can upload more of such tutorials as i like yr muslimah styles tq sis :-D

  4. aku selalu pengen deh fotoan di kota tua :)))


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