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Arisan Blomer Part 2

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday is arisan blomer part 2 time!! *yayy*. This time we have new friend that join us but unfortunately romiy can't join us because she is on vacation now. so, againnn we're ALMOST full team. Nadya also can join us at last minute. She came directly from the airport only for meeting us. haha kidding,she's another thing to do in Jakarta actually :p

Before nadya came, we had lunch at fish&co. Because the last minute bumil ( read: suci :p) want to have some ice cream then we go to Cold&Stone and pick who get the arisan blomer part 2. And it goes to kaffah!! *I'm sure you know who I mean ;)*

You may notice that the dresscode is polkadot!! but, actually siti wear little love and kara wear square shawl. so, they not wearing polkadots. hehe. And, say hi to mommy nifa, our new friend in "blomer". haha..

here is my style yesterday
 [polka shawl&haylie pants - nabilia | cardi - Dian Pelangi | wedges - UP]

pssttt..I wear another haylie pants agaiinn.. but this time the color is different. yuupp, it's new color!! if you haven't got one, you should buy it. very comfy!! haha :D

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  1. haylie pantsnya emang keliatan nyaman dipake. btw entah kenapa habis mbak fika ganti nama blog tiap postingan baru ga masuk ke dashboad lagi. *maap curcol mbak

  2. lovely photos and blog! xx


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