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Arisan Blomer Part 1

Friday, April 20, 2012

Me and some of friends that call ourselves as "blogger married" decided to have a "arisan" every month so we can regularly meet up and have some chitchat. We held it first in last month, yuupp in march.

Here are some pictures of our arisan last month :)

Almost full team (minus nadya who's still in KL to finish her studi) 

And here are me with the girls (or should I call the women because almost all of them have been married and no longer a girl ;p)

And me with the winner of arisan blomer part1.. kivitz!! (I mean fitri aulia :D)

We decided our dresscode is "wear your own label with dress/skirt". So, here is my style with freja cardi and candi dress by nabilia :)

Right after this, I'll post about arisan blomer part2. hehehe

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  1. kak Fika make a tutorial video how to make a hijab like the one you wore in this post please :>


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