Wedding Style Inspiration: Pink&Red in Purple

Saturday, February 18, 2012

At the end of January I have to attended 2 weddings at the same time but different location. I got the uniform for both wedding so there's no way I didn't come to the wedding. One is my relatives wedding which I got red lace and one is my bestfriend wedding which I got purple satin and pink lace. I takes quite a long time for me to think what should I make from those material. And here are the result :)

I wore same clutch, wedges, basic dress in purple satin, headdress, and brooch. But I changed the outer and shawl. 

What do you think?
*please mind the picture quality coz I just use my bb to take them ;)*

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  1. good job sis! :) i like your outer pink skirt by the way. How to make it sis?

  2. Th dresses are so awesome! I especially like the colour of the second one :D


  3. Fikaa!
    It's so cute!
    suka banget style yang kedua, beda dari yang biasanya :D

  4. Good efforts. All the best for future posts. I have bookmarked you. Well done. I read and like this post. Thanks.
    IT Company India

  5. thank you ka fikaa, menginspirasi banget.. jadi ga usah repot2 beli baju baru dari atas sampe bawah ya.. :D

  6. nicee one Fika! :)

  7. kak fikaaaa, cantikkkkk kebayanya..btw menginspirasi aku buat bikin kebaya sumpah hehehehehe :)

  8. Suka warna ungunyaaa..


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