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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The animal prints story is not over yet. I still have some pictures that I want to share. hehe. The meet up is quite special because nadya, one of us, will be getting married 3 days after the meet up. yuuupp,,now she is sombody's wife and on honeymoon. hehe. At first, we didn't know whether nadya could ccome or not because there are several things that she has to deal with related to her wedding. 

This is our pictures when nadya not came yet. Mulky, Fitri's husband, took the pictures. And I remembered there is a woman who said "will have a show?". With all the animal prints shawl, I'm sure there are several people who stared strangely at us, especially when we did some crazy pose. hahaha

We're happy that when we have lunch, nadya told us that she's on her way to PIM and can have a quick meet up with us. Yayy,, finally all of us can meet!! And, since almost all of us already married since 2010 (except siti that we hope can get married this year..hehe), we teach some 'lesson' to nadya, especially related to the 'first night'. One of us (I won't mention the name :p) even brought Arabic Kamasutra book. haha *Don't think dirty, because the book mostly fill with hadists and religious thought about what you&your husband/wife should do. No porn pictures at all. It totally a learning book* 

Since nadya didn't bring the animal prints shawl, Suci borrowed it for her. Actually, the shawl that siti wore is also Suci's. Yuupp,,among us, maybe suci is the person who love animal prints the most. you can see that beside the animal prints shawl, she also wear dalmation motif top. And she still look great with that!!

 And this black team versus pink team!! Of course I'm in pink team. haha
Above: Kara - Ola - Romiy - Fitri
Below: Siti - Suci - Me - Nadya

I promise that I won't post about the animal print thing again. haha. I hope my next post is about Nadya's wedding.
Happy wedding Nadya&Lucky!!

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