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Purple Over Green

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's so rare that I posted almost 4 posts in a week. These days I'm in the mood of blogging and fortunately there are some photos and stories that I wanna share. Hope you'll not get bored with this 'narcist' blog. Actually the reason why I posted my pictures in this blog just because I like to do it and wanna share some ideas and maybe inspirations for you, because I got so many inspirations from other blogs.

This time I wanna share some inspirations *hopefully it can inspired you* for wedding outfit. On December 4th, my cousin held his wedding ceremony and reception. For the ceremony me and my family decided to wear purple theme. And in the reception me and my sisters got green uniform because we were some of the bridemaids.

Let's share about the purple theme first. I decided to wear stella top from nabilia and mixed it with my skirt that I wore in my wedding ceremony a year ago. Alhamdulillah it still fit on me although it became to tight :p

with my lovely husband :*
with my sister, nabila
I put on some make up to my little sister, najla
with the groom, Bang Pangeran

Now is the green time. Honestly, I am so not into green. So, when I got the material I got confused on what should I make. I decided to make a dress combine with chiffon but the result is not like what I expected. I think I didn't choose the right color combination (I don't have time to buy another color, so I just take the material that I prepared for nabilia collections :p) and the tailor also make some mistake. But, whatever happens the wedding must goes on and it needs the bride maids. haha

The bride maids in green :D
I'm the eldest but the shortest among my sisters :p
With mom, dad, and sisters
with my lovely husband (again) ;)

Thanks for reading. see you in the next post :)

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  1. Keren kak fikaa. tapi emang sih yang hijaunya kurang kinclong kalo dipaduin sama putih, tapi tetep keren kok..
    Ngefans sama penampilan kk pas warna unguu..

  2. kak fikaa,, cantiiik,, suka style hijabnya,,

  3. thx for sharing, biasanya kalo ke kondangan yg ada dipikiranku atasan harus kebaya..hehehe setelah liat kak fika, jadi terispirasi kalo ke kondangan bisa pake baju atasan yg casual tp bawahnya di mix pake rok tenun,,jatohnya tetep pantes buat pesta pernikahan :)

  4. itu senyumnya sama semua, fik :D
    namanya juga saudara ya, hehe

    asiik, ada inspirasi untuk buat baju seragam pernikahan gini :D

  5. aaaah ka fika haapy annive with your husband yah :) btw aku oernah ketemu sm kaka tp gatau nama blognya dan sekarang nemu . im already following kak :D

  6. lebih suka yg tema ungu, lebih bright dan bikin lo makin bersinar....
    anyway, make up nya bagus, make up sendiri kah? bagus dehh... "nyala" tapi sama sekali gak menor! love it!


  7. you look so beautiful in those purple ensemble Fika! love it! :)


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