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Monday, December 05, 2011

On November 12th, my husband's brother or I can say my brother in law, zoni, was getting married. Actually me and Zoni was classmate in high school when we were in 3rd grade. Zoni married to his classmate, Devi, in 1st&2nd grade of high school. So, all of us were from same high school and the same year. hehe

Here are some pictures from the wedding :)
With the bride to be before the ceremony

Devi's sister bring the wedding rings and I bring the mahar

Some of you may already know my sister, nabila. And maybe you were seeing her in hijab. Actually in real life she is not wearing hijab yet, she's still learning and convince herself to wear it permanently. For now, if it's nabilia related events, she puts on her hijab.  Just hope that she will wear it permanently soon ;)
My brother in law's GF (chika), me, my sister (nabila)
With the one and only love of my life ;)
 In my daily life, I rarely wear make up. But for the wedding, I decided to had a make up by myself. i think it wasn't that good, but it wasn't bad too. Don't you think so? I also give a little touch up to my hubby so that her face not too oily. hehe

And here is my outfit. Simple dress that mixed satin and lace. Maybe it can be your inspiration for wedding uniform ;) hehe
[Dress - tailored | shawl - nabilia | cluth - hana | bracelets - fleur | brooch - missmarina]

This month I will held a giveaway in my blog. Stay tune!! ;)

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  1. Fikaa.. suka foto yang kamu lagi dandanin suamimu.. hihi.. cantik Fika, make upnya juga cantiikk kok.. :D

  2. cantik banget kak, the bride also (:

  3. aww, beautiful photos. senangnya selalu bertemu denganorang dekat. teman sekolah jadi iparan, hehehe. love your make up :)


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