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Monday, December 12, 2011

Last friday is the 2nd meet up of "blogger married". It's not a "geng" or something like that. But, we have some similarities and will working together in a project *still a secret, do wait for it ;)*. There are 8 persons who will collaborated on the secret project. They are me, suci, kara, romiy, ola, fitri, and siti plus nadya who are not married yet actually. But, in the second meet up, there are only half of us who can join. Siti and Fitri was busy with their job&deadline, ola was sick due to her pregnancy, and nadya was in Malaysia. So, here are some pictures from our meet up :)

We plan to meet at 2 P.M, but kara and romiy were super late and they came at 3.30 P.M. While waiting kara and romiy, suci and I ate at sanpachi and had a little chit chat. After kara and romiy arrived, we decided to ate at Burger King and discuss about our secret project and of course took come pictures. Since, siti can't join this meet up, our pictures quality became so standard. hahaha. Siti is the best if we talk about editing and photography :D

Are you looking for some style inspirations in hijab?? look at their style and you'll be inspired ;)

And here is what I wore *also introduce you new tube shawl from nabilia!!*
[Samantha pants - Mainland Heritage | top - nikicio | tube chiffon shawl - Nabilia | bag - hana | wedges - UP | brooch - Miss Marina]

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