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Not A Usual Meet Up

Monday, November 07, 2011

After, siti, kara, suci, and ola blogged about the married-blogger meet up, I guess now is my turn!! Most of them wrote the story in Bahasa, but I try to write about it in English like I always did in my blog. Because, one of the reason I made this blog is to improve my writing skills in English. hahaha.

As you may already know, me and 6 other girls met at PIM last wednesday. Actually, at first, it's only me, kara, ola, suci, and fitri who plan to meet. Because five of us are blogger and we were married at 2010 and don't have a child yet (except Ola who is 9 weeks pregnant now, the rest of us is still waiting for the 'preggy things' come to our little family). But then, romiy who hasn't have blog yet and siti who hasn't married yet joined us. It was really fun meet up!! we talked a lot about many things, especially married life for the newly wed like us. And of course we took a lot of pictures!! thanks to siti who bring the camera always captured the moments :*

Romiy was late because she had something to do first. So we did the photobox without romiy. It's been such a long long time since I had my last photobox. 

Full team!! anw, romiy is working on her new blog and hopefully siti will get married soon!! :D

Most of the girls are HC committee so I meet them quite often and already know the well because they are like family for me. here are a quick testimony about them :)
 OLA. I know her from her wedding blog and we have the same vendor. We also share a lot about our  new label. Before they are launch, we already discussed about them. And she is the one who make me sure to launch nabilia. Yupp, I plan to have my own label for such a long time, but Ola can make her plan to reality in quite a short time. She dare to take the risk. I learn a lot from this preggie woman ;)
KARA. I first met her at Urban Kitchen breakfasting. but at that time all I remember that she and romiy  are a twin. because they wore a similar outfit. haha. And later, I just found out that kara is my junior at college. And one thing for sure, kara is a great stalker!! So, watch out girls. hahahaha
SITI. I'm one of Siti big fans!! yes, I do!! I really love her blog and so flattered when she came to my wedding. Yes, I first met her at my wedding. She is such a creative person. No doubt about it. Always love her artworks. And she is so photogenic!! Siti is a little person that I know did a great job both in front of and in back of camera. I think the camera just loves her!!
FITRI. Maybe just a little person know how fitri looks without a hijab. haha. I already know her since junior high school. I'm her senior from junior high school and senior high school. Actually we entered the same college too, but different major. All I can say is she change a lot and it's so positive!! I also learned a lot from her, especially about how to look more syar'i in hijab. 
ROMIY. she is such a kindhearted person. I think a lot of people can fall in love with her personality in the first meet. She is always smile and as I remembered I never see romiy get angry with anyone. 
And the last girl is SUCI. Suci is a new friend to me. Before this meet up, I already met her at HC's launching on march, but we didn't talk much at that time. We talk much via bbm and twitter. And, I am one of her blog fans. She is the one who inspired me making a hijab tutorial video and I learn about how to cook from her too. hehe. She is really nice in person. And she got a lot of expression in front of camera. From all the girls, I think I am the one who can't do that crazy face. I just think it doesn't fit me at all. haha.

If you read Siti's blogpost, you may wondering what is the similarity of the pictures that siti posted. So, let me give you the answer. hahaha

 Both of kara and romiy wear orange color.

 There are pink accents in all of our outfit. Suci and me in our shawls. Siti and Ola in the cardigans.

Both Kara and Ola wear stripes!! 

We love flowery shawls!! ;) 

I think this is the most difficult to guess. anyone can guess what the similarity?? the answer is all of us wear plain clothes, you can't find any motifs or pattern is our clothes. haha

As usual, now is the time for what I wore on that day :)

[Flowery Shawl & Summer Top - Nabilia | Unbranded jeans & bag | Wedges - UP | brooch bought at pasaraya grande | bracelets - Fleur] 

Close up to the hijab look. I love this 'candid' pictures. *I think you know what I mean ;p* hahaha

Much Love,

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  1. thank you for visiting mine too, Fika. Nice to know you dear :)

  2. as-salam fika

    its good for u to wirte in eng. i have pb to understand the bahasa indonesia esp when it is written in acronym

  3. Great looking ladies... Hope to meet you some day, insya allah.

  4. oh you all look so pretty and stylish kak! looks like a fun meet up :)
    i miss you !

    style frontier

  5. nice to know ur blog. u'r such a beautiful girl..

  6. look so fun! love all of the pastel things <3

  7. semuanya cantik....cantik...:)
    SALAM KENAL kak jg dari aceh...
    love ur style..;)

  8. hi fika.. long time no see :P
    udah married ya skarang..


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