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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As usual, looking at my picture folder, I found these pictures that I haven't share in this blog. *yes yes yes, there are a lot of pictures that I plan to share in this blog but then I forgot*. These pictures was taken on June when grand opening Moshaict Boutique and mosbazar. 

with ashfi, the author of fiminin.
look how short I am standing next to her. haha

Let me share a little 'secret' between me and Moshaict. At the time the pictures was taken, I was the marketing of Moshaict and handle their twitter and blog for a couple month. It wasn't easy to handle moshaict twitter because people use to ask the same question again and again, although they actually can find the answer at the previous tweet or at bio twitter or mayble at blog. haha. And not so many people know I'm the person behind moshaict's admin. But, since this November I'm no longer handle moshaict twitter&blog because I want to focus more on my label, nabilia, and moshaict is growing fast so I think they need a professional one to handle it.  So, you can say that I'm resign from moshaict as an employee but I became one of the tenant there. hehe

[Miranda Dress - RiaMiranda | Shawl - Dian Pelangi]

The reason why I post these pictures today is because this weekend there will be another mosbazar at moshaict and InsyaAllah nabilia will participate in it :). 
So, see youu on 25-27th nov at Moshaict, Raden Saleh 55, Cikini, 10am-5pm.

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  1. As salam,

    Super adorable as always :) Is there any chance for Hijabers Community to come to Malaysia for a visit, or planning to involve in a bazaar? You guys have quite a number of fans here in Malaysia and am sure they all dying to get their hands on your items :)

  2. sukses buat nabilia nya...
    bisa beli online kah :)

    your story inspire me.. doain yak bisa punya label juga...

    salam dari solo


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