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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm sure most of you already knew Suci from Last Minute Girl, the founder of Such by Suchi. Suci is really such an inspiration. Actually I decided to make a hijab tutorial video is also because of her hijab tutorial video which is very inspiring :). And she's very kind to make me such a lovely sketch!! I love it very much!! 

And this is the real picture of the sketch. I never posted it in my blog because that photo is for my previously online shop, nably covered. :)
*please don't ask me to make a tutorial of this style, I totally forgot x_x*

Thank you soo much Suci!! :*


Anyway, I got a lovely comment from a reader, Dewi Utari, that telling me to delete all the blog post which I haven't wear my hijab yet because I'm fully covered now. And I think she's right. So, start from today, I revert all the old post of me not wearing hijab to draft *yes,,I'm not delete it because there are some post that remind me of great memories*. Thank you so much Dewi for reminding me :)

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