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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking at my pictures folder in my notebook and find out that these pics not published yet. hehe. So, I decided to give a little touch of editing and share them in my blog.

Sometimes, all you have to do is wear your most comfy outfit and don't bother whether you look fashionable or not. I really feel comfortable with my outfit. Wide leg pants plus long tee are best match for daily wear. Super duper comfy!! especially when you paired the with crocs flats and cotton shawl. hehehe

 [Shawl - Kami Idea | Long tee - Nikicio | Pants - Nably Covered | Flats - Crocs]

What I made to the shawl is also so simpel. I just make a knot near my ear and add a brooch  ;)

Hmmm, I just want to share a little thought about using other pictures without permissions. Maybe some of you wondering why i didn't put any watermark to my pictures. Actually I want to do that but sometimes I just to lazy to do that. haha. *and I don't have a logo for "sweet escape" yet. Anyone want to make one for me? hahahaha*

Anyway, I know that some photos that I uploaded in this blog has been used by some online shop to sell their stuffs, eventough I didn't buy any stuff from them. I think that's so inappropriate. But, what can I say? maybe that's the way they get some money. Actually, I think every pictures that you share in the internet that will belongs to public. Even if you put a watermark (sometimes a big one), people can still use you picture. But, of course a good people will ask for permission first or at least share the link where they get the picture and not just say that they got the pictures from google.

What do you think about that? Does watermark matters?

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  1. Fika, kamu keliatan imut imut banget deh kalo pake style jilbab gitu, kayak masih SMA.. hihihi...

  2. ya, im agree with u dear..sometimes people didnt respect sad, rite? hopefully, there is somenone who can make one for u;D

  3. love your outfit!! as always!! :)

  4. I adore the color pallete in your outfit :x Those grey shades look perfectly together !

    I personally don't care if someone uses my photos, as long as they don't pretend to be me. Of course I'd rather be announced first but.. some people are just unable to act right. Anyway, you could use a watermark - more secure :)

  5. menurut aku kalo naro foto di inet harus siap2 resiko di kopi kak. watermarks kadang ga ngaruh. mungkin harus dikasi tau aja kali ya yang ngopi itu, setidaknya cantumin sumber foto hehhehe
    anw i agreee with you! wear the most comfy outfit! yang penting nyaman dan jadi diri sendiri

  6. begitu aja udah fashionable kok, fik :)

  7. dear honey, aku sependapat sama kamu bahwa orang yang mau memakai pic orang lain harus ijin dulu.
    menurutku watermark penting apalagi untuk blogger yang cantik dan fashionable kayak kamu karena orang pasti gatel banget pengen pake poto kamu :) hehe
    youre fashion dear...

  8. ah the hijab styled like that looks lovely on you, i like the colour combination as well

    well i don't put watermark on my photos, i just hope ppl still have little manner to ask for permission in case they gonna use my pics. teehee



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