From Head To (almost) Toe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Friday, I restocked some of nabilia's product to moshaict. And I decided to wear nabilia from head to (almost) toe. I said almost, because my shoes are not from nabilia. hehe.

I didn't bring any camera, so the photos just taken by my blackberry with a so-so quality.   

The dress is me and my sister new design for nabilia. I know that nowadays there are a lot of 'wing dress'. I also made one kind of it, but I add a pocket in the wing. I realized that there is no 'pure' idea, all of the idea must be inspired by others. The most  important thing is how you can modified it into a new and different design.

[Flowery shawl, Kendall cardi & Polly Dress - Nabilia | Flat shoes - Unbranded]

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