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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Have you visited Siti's blog post titled we "hate" photography? That photos was taken when Hijabers community had a hijab class tutorial at wardah office in the end of september. After the class is over, we (me, Irna, Etu, Siti, Ola, and Ria)  took some "crazy" photos with the photographer from wardah. We do really have fun!! :D

I will share some of my favorite photos and also my outfit in this post. Here are some favorite photos that I took from Siti's blog :) *I always love how siti edited them*

we are the pink team!!  :p

you can see more photos at siti's blog (CLICK HERE)

And here are the photos of me *taken by Siti* :)

Beside hijab class by HC, there is also make up class by wardah. And I became the model for make up class. So the make up on me is by wardah :) 
Wanna know how to wear a shawl like that? wait for the tutorial video, I already made it for you ;)

This is what I wore on that day

[Kendall cardi & flowery shawl - Nabilia | Dress - Cotton Ink | Flats - The Little Thing She Needs]

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  1. Nice photo..seronok kalau punya sahabat yang satu hati dan minta kan :D


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