Bestfriend Wedding Birthday

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On October 2nd, my bestfriend since high school, Mita, celebrate her birthday in her wedding day. Yupp, her wedding is in the same date with her birthday. I really feel happy for her. 

With high school friends

At high school, me and 4 other girls, DinaNuril, Mita, and Ninda, create a name "Calluella" for us. We share a lot of stories together from high school. They are some people that really know about the journey of my relationship with my husband. Actually, Mita and Nuril, really take part when Delon asked me to be his girlfriend. Thank you soo much girls!! From 5 of us, now only Ninda who is still single, but InshaAllah in January she will held her wedding too :)  But, too bad Nuril can't come because she was sick, and she just had a baby born last month. Congratulationss!!! And Dina now is waiting for her second child *still waiting when is my turns ;)*.

With my Calluella *minus nuril :'(*

Now is time to share what outfit that I wore to the wedding :D. Since we decided to wear black, so I chose to wear my stella top from nabilia. But, this time I wear another shawl, not the one which already attached to the blouse :)

[Stella Top - Nabilia | Black Skirt - Nably Covered | Clutch - Hana | Heels - Symbolize | Chiffon Silk Shawl - Nabilia | Brooch - Miss Marina] 

Anw, thank you for watching my 1st hijab tutorial video in my previous post
See you in the next post!!

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  1. Ah cantiknya! I love the pattern and tone color:)
    Btw visit mine and hope you like it!

  2. can i request tutorial for this style?really like it :D

  3. @annisiabaehaki: thank you. I'll visit yours ;)

    @lee-yan-naa: InsyaAllah one day I'll make this tutorial :)

  4. what app do you use to edit your pics? It's cute hihi :))

  5. huwaaaaaa baru tau ada postingan iniiiiii.....
    piiiiiiikkkkk lo makin ciamik dehhh
    bikin salon hijab aja yuuuk di bandunggggg...
    kerjasama kitak.


    ps : knapa foto suami gw pas merem gtu yah.. ketian

    love u dearrr
    sukses slaluuuuuu



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