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Thursday, September 29, 2011

About a month ago, my friend, Ola, make a very great movement, named "Mari Berhijab". In this movement, we will help anyone who want to wear hijab but have no money to buy proper clothes by giving them 'hijab starter kit'. This movement also encourage people to share their hijab story so that we can inspired each other. And yesterday, my hijab story was posted at Mari Berhijab's Blog :)

Wanna read full story? READ HERE and you're free to leave any comments. But, so sorry for my international readers, the story is in bahasa, not english :(

Again, if you see the picture in that story, you may haven't see it in this blog. Yup, that is one of the photo that I haven't share yet. I think, now is the best time to share it :) 

[Dress - Dian Pelangi | Wedges - UP | Bag - Hana]

Anw, if you want to share you hijab story, you also can email it to with subject HIJAB STORY. You can also send a photo or poetry about hijab. For more info, visit Mari Berhijab's blog and follow @mariberhijab.

Much love,

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  1. teteeeh , aku suka dress nya . lucu bangeeeeet . i want it

  2. Ka' Fika, jatuh cinta bgt sm warna dress-nya!^^/

  3. your dress is soooo pretty! love it!

  4. love your dress kak! : )
    and your article is so good!

  5. teh, gmn cara ngirim history hijabnya ? ak kirim ke email kok ngk d share ? gitu dipilih dulu ?

  6. thank you all :)

    @nabila: ga dipilih koq. semua pasti akan dimuat,tp bergilir,karena banyak yang mengirim cerita. aku jg kirimnya ud sebulan yg lalu sebelum akhirnya dimuat :)

  7. mbak fika, aku udah baca cerita berhijabnya. aku kira malah udah berhijab dari awal blog ini ada. setelah baca tulisan itu, iseng2 ngecek postingan awal2 blog ini. sayangnya kok postingan yang belum berhijab masih ada ya. kalo boleh usul, dihapus aja mbak, kan sekarang udah berhijab :)

    salam dari pengikut blog sweet eacape di solo :)


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