Nabilia's Launching

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alhamdulillah, nabilia has officially launched at mosbazar held by moshaict. Me and my sister, nabila, were so happy because everything went so well. Thanks for everyone who's coming and visiting our booth :)

Anyway, in this post I won't share much about how the bazaar went on, because you can read it on nabilia's blog post here. I just want to share some pictures of me wearing nabilia's products and a photo of me with two cute little girl. hehe

Me with Kendall cardi in grey

Me with Kendall Cardi in grey, tiffany dress, and flowery shawl

Me in Michelle top

Here are some pictures of me with some friends. Since the bazaar is crowded, I didn't have much time to took a lot of pictures.

Me and Nabila with the famous designer :p, Ria Miranda. haha

Ghaida, Me, Noni, and Ola. All of us have our own label and open a booth at mosbazar

Now, I want to introduce you to 2 little girl, Zemma and Nifa. Gosh,,they are so cute and lovely!! Don't believe it? just take a look to the pictures and you'll be in love too. hehe

Baby Zemma with me and her mom, Indrie. Look at Zemma, she's wearing harem pants by Dinda Pelangi (sister of Dian Pelangi)..If I have a daughter, I definitely will by one for her too.. haha

And this is Nifa, a daughter of Ghaida.

Look at her expression. So funny!! haha

Once again, thanks to all of your support for nabilia. We really appreciate it :)

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  1. kerudung nya bagus2 dear . apalagi cardi foto diatas bagus ^^

  2. congrats kaak. btw ini ada online shopnya ga?

  3. Fikaaaa, congrats for having your own label! :D *every muslimah's dream, isn't it? heheh*

    BTW met Idul Fitri yaaa, mohon maap lahir batin :D

  4. congrats for the launching event :)

  5. wow congrats for the launching kak :)

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