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Monday, July 11, 2011

One of my favorite item now is cape town by jenahara. At first I bought it I don't think that it can be wear in many ways. Actually, my friend Etu that told me about the other ways to wear this cape town :D

So, I try to show you how useful is the cape town. The outfit itself is same with my last post. I just add the cape town :D. This also show you that you can also mix and match the hoodie blouse (by ria miranda) with other outfit to create a different looks ;)

This is how the cape town should look like when you wear it :)

And now, wear it backward and be creative then you can create more style with one stuff :)

What do you think? which style do you like?

The most important thing is try to wear anything in your closet in a different way. who knows you'll find another great style from you old stuffs ;)

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  1. Fik, itu dalaman ninjanya beli dimana? apa bs di beli OL?

  2. me like the third style kak hehe :)

  3. yang ke 4!love it!oia dalaman ninjanya beli dimana?baguss bgt, tie dye gituu

  4. @julie: aku beli ninjanya di kami idea yg stock di Moshaict butik. tp setauku sih kami idea jg jualan online :)

  5. Cantik semua kok kak..

    Jadi pengen juga, tp kayanya kalo aku yg pake jelek deh :')


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