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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looking at folder "Me, Myself & I" at my laptop, I find these pictures that actually taken about 5-6 months ago, but I always forgot to upload and share in this blog :p

When I see the pictures, I feel there's something different about me. Can you guess what was it? guess it first, but I'll tell you the answer in the end of this post.

[Long tee, belt, shoes - ZARA | harem pants - Ria Miranda]

Anyway, the vest that I wore is belong to 'young' fika. I mean it's mine when I was about 8-10 years old. With a little adjustment in tailor, I still can wear it now, 15 years later ;) Isn't it great?

Can you guess the difference now?no? okay, the answer is contact lens!! I just remember that since 2-3months ago I never wear contact lens anymore. Actually I like the way my eyes look when I wore it, but my hubby doesn't like it. So, I don't wear it again.

Can't see the contact lens?Don't worry, I'll share the closer look of my eyes with contact lens :D

What do you think? better with contact lens or not?

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  1. aaaa, terima kasih komenna d blog aku kak fikaaa!!!! ini clana alladinnya lucu buanget!!!! aku kl pake itu kaya apa ya?? hahaha

    sama suka long cardigan retail therapy yang di bawah ini deh...>.<

    have a nice weekend kak fika! and happy bday!!! *telat ya?? :p*

  2. Definitely with contact lenses!your eyes look bigger and sharp with it..:D

  3. I LoOoVeee contact lenses jadi pasti aku bilang sukaan pake contact lens hihihi

    mngkn suami-mu gasuka warnanya Ka, cb ganti warna lain aja soale my hubby fave color is grey kalo aku pake warna lain katanya biasa aja huhuehueheuheu

  4. better with contacts ^^


  5. Oh, you ve got such a beautifull blog.))
    Love your post.)

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    I am doing a poll and I need answer only one question.

    "What are your favorite clothing firms?"

  6. Fikaaaaaa... yeah I didn't know what's different until you told us :p

    Btw kontak lens-nya keren, Fikanya juga cantik, tapi entah kenapa pas lihat dibalik topeng jadi agak serem, kayak ada lukisan yang ngintip kedip2 wkwkww *bcanda kok :P

  7. Fika, aq lebih suka kamu ga pake contact lens... lebih natural dan lebih cantik.. hehe :)

  8. i think u defo look pretty with the contact lens !!! and i love your hot pink hijab kak !

    i rarely comment but i always open ur posts when u have new ones :D

  9. NAKSIR banget sama vest nyaa! dan lucunya, itu vest kok masih muat ya kak? hihihi...

    kalo aku baju umur 8-10 tahunan punyaku jelas udah ga muat

    as usually, kak fika selalu cantiikk!!

    aaaa >.< i heart you so much!!

  10. i love the way you look with contact lens! :)
    and i like your pants!
    hope for the best things happen in your new age!

    style frontier

  11. aaaa kak fika, you look adorable like always deh! tambah cantik aja si kakaaa :D

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  13. better with lenses!! you eyes look bigger and beautiful!

  14. better with cntact lens as well as without. :)

  15. hihi, kak cantik kok pake contact lens :) itu vest dibesarin bagian lubang lengan yah? waaah, masih cukup aja sih kak, hihi..


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