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Thursday, July 21, 2011

In July 19th, 2011, I'm officially 25th years old. And this is my first birthday as a wife. As that date is in weekdays, so hubby must go to the office. But, at night we have dinner at Plaza Senayan. And what is special is when we arrived at home, he gave me the cake and candle from freezer *I don't know when he put that cake*.

I know that I'm not young anymore. I really hope that in this age I can be a better person. I don't have much wishes. I just want to make my husband and family happy and also proud with me. I also want one of my dream will come true this year because I'm on my way to achieve it :)

Anyway, I got a lovely white bag from husband. He knows that I don't have much bag and always wear the same bag over and over again :p. Thank youu so much Honey :*..

[Long Cardi - Retail Therapy | Dress - Dian Pelangi | Shawl - Casa Elana]

I also want to thank you to all of you who congratulate me via twitter and facebook. I really appreciate for all the wishes :)

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  1. ihiiyy.. happy bday pik.. semoga cepet hamilun yaa.. *ehem* :D

  2. Happy birthday kak :)
    keep adorable, as always.
    love to read your blog :D

  3. pastinya hepi banget dapet kejutan dr suami..pasti makin cinta makin sayang makin makin deh hehehe
    cardi warnanya kalem suka deh fika ^^
    ku pasang link di blogku yah fikaa.. :)

  4. happy belated birthday, ka Fika.. wuatb.. :)


  5. Happy birthday, love! Hope happiness is always around you and your family!

  6. waa ternyata kita seumuran toh fik.. di koran ada yg pernah nulis kamu lahiran 83 deh.. hihihi
    hampiir aja gw panggil mba :p

    happy birthdaaay ya

  7. happy milad kak, kereeeeennn ! :*


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