Balloons are Everywhere

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On April 9th, Hijabers Community held the first Islamic studies at Ben's Radio. Alhamdulillah, everything went so well and I met a lot of new friends there :). The place was decorated beautifully with all the balloons and flowers. All the hijabers who came also wear something 'flowery'..haha

Since, Hijabers Community just update their blog about this Islamic Studies, so I also just update the outfit of that day now :D..If you wanna know the content of the studies, you can read it here.

In this post I will just show you what I wear that day ;)

[Dress&shawl - Nably Covered | bag - Celine ]

Can you find me in this picture??

photo by Sendy Monarchie

See you again soon!!

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  1. Great look.. nice hijab style :)


  2. just found this blog and wow all stylist hijabers, i cant believe, its new and cheerful


  3. dress ny ada di album apa fika..? nama dress ny apa..? tq

  4. dress ny nama ny apa fika..? ada di album mana..?

  5. ckckckckc, kak fika memang yaaaa, paling aktif deh dari komunitas hijabbers community!!!! hahahaha. semangat terus kak fika!!!

    ps: aku k BYS tujuannya mau balikin topi ke cindy, y udah sekalian "meliput" aja, lumayan buat bahan post-an...hehehehe. see you again soon ya kak fika!!!

  6. look so great with the hijab style and still sweet too :)

  7. You look lovely Fika!
    Love the color combo on your outfit :)

  8. I love the fashion style look natural because of veiled women

  9. wah, first time i drop by to your blog. lovely yaaaa, creative sekali, i want to share this blog to my hijaber family and friends, even i don't wear it, but you are inspiring


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