Thank You Friends!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

One thing that I love from blogging is I met a lot of new friends. I also met some of them in real life and it was so fun to know a person from her blog first and then met them in person. That's why I always love blogger meet up thing ;)

I know I'm not a good blogger. I just update this blog whenever I want to. That's why I really wanna thank you for reading my blog, leaving some comments, and also following my twitter..It's like a blessed to have you all, dear friends :)

My special thanks goes to wulan, annisa and prahmahita who made a sketch of me..I love them all!! Here are their works :)

Wulan tag this picture to Nably Covered's FB. I feel surprise to see it, because usually people tag me with their picture wearing Nably's stuff :)

Annisa or nichan sketch this picture a couple months ago. But I always forget to post it in my blog. Actually the sketch above is the second edition, she edited the color and add "happy wedding kak :)"..Thank youuu so much nichaan :*. Psssst, she draw it with her hands. doesn't it sounds cool?? ;)

Prahmahita *what's your nickname dear?hehe* made this beautiful sketch of me. Why I said beautiful? because it prettier than the real me. haha.

Big thanks to all of you!! I never thought that there will be someone who skecthed me. I always love seeing sketches of another blogger and always want to make one for my self, but since I can't drawing or editing, so I just can adore their sketches. hahaha

Got a lot of things to update in this blog. I hope I can spare some time to publish them. See you in real soon dear friends!! :)

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  1. how about ayi? prahmahita seems to long hehe..
    semoga suka ya mba :D

  2. wahh, udah di posting :D
    makasih fika, semoga suka ya :)

  3. wawawa dipajang!
    thankyou kaa :D


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