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Friday, May 20, 2011

About two weeks ago, exactly in thursday, May 12th, I attended an event named "Sexy Smart with Wacoal" that held by Aquilla Asia Magazine collaborated with wacoal and also up2Date.

I found the event was useful for me as a woman, especially on how to choose a good undies and how to wear it properly. Beside some good tips about undies, there is also a mini fashion by Up2Date.

In the middle of mini fashion show, the spokespersons from Wacoal and Up2Date give a comment on what undies should we wear in that kind of clothes and where should we go with that outfit. Mrs. Isni from Up2Date also give some tipss on how to layering outfit and covered up but still look stylish :)

Anw, I got a doorprize from Wacoal. It's a red tote bag. I like it :)

Beside the doorprize I also got some gift from Wacoal and Up2Date because I answered their question correctly. These are what I got ;)
a multifunction bag organizer from Wacoal

A shawl and veil square from Up2Date

I'm not alone coming to the event, ola and rommiy also came to event that held at Indochine FX.

My outfit at that day :)

[Top - Casa Elana | Pants - Nably Covered]

And these are what we got from the goodie bag!!

Thank you Aquilla Asia, Wacoal, and up2Date!! ;)

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  1. that looks amazing! and you and your friends' outfits are beautiful, makes hijabs (is that the right term?) look like a great fashion statement.

    have a nice day,

  2. looks like a fun event kak!
    love your outfit that day, the pants is adorable


  3. kaka fikaa, tambah stylish ajaa :)

  4. I am still hunting for those pants here... in SG


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