See You at La Codefin!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

This weekend, my online shop, Nably Covered will join another bazaar :). This time, I will collaborated with Lila Butik by Ola Fadly and Mykamovic by Kara Rahmamitya and Fatimah Rommy. We will sharing booth.

Nably Covered itself will sell our best selling stuffs like cotton pipe pants, long dress, cardigan, shawl, and many more :)

We will be at La Codefin, Kemang, from Friday - Sunday, 12am - 8pm.
Come and shopping with us!!
anw, we only accept cash, so don't forget to bring a lot of cash :p

see you all!!

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  1. wowww ... ini pasti acaranya seru banget. aku mau dateng ah !!!

    kalau boleh tau untuk price nya dari berapa sampai berapa ???

    thanks ya

  2. waah kyknya seru nih kak ;p sayaang gbs dtg :( anyway, melb's been good :) kesini doong main2! heheh

  3. Fikaaa..the bazaar went quite well right? *read ur tweet ;)



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