Monday, May 02, 2011

Last week, I've been quite busy at Moshaict preparing all the things for MOS BAZAAR. Thank to ALLAH SWT, the event went so great and there are a lot of people who come to Moshaict at Friday&Saturday.

Here are some photos from the event :)..Since I didn't bring the camera, I posted the pictures that taken by Siti Juwariyah. I always love the result of her photos and she were so great in edited the photos.

With newlywed Ria Miranda ;)

Rimma - Siti - Me - Ria

Some of Hijabers Community committee in front of HC booth :)

Nifa, a daughter of Ghaida, come in the afternoon. She's soo cute and lovely!! thinking when will I become a mother. Seeing a lot of my friends have already become a mom, make me wanna have a baby too. hahaha

and this is me with siti. Thank you so much for the pictures!! :*

wait for the next post. Will post about MOS BAZAAR: Day 2 soon!! ;)

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  1. kamu semua nampak cantik..cemburu nya saya tengok

  2. fika, makin keren aja ih :)

  3. aku seneng bgt deh kak fika liat komunitas hijabers itu. kece2 bener! smoga tetap eksisss!!!!

  4. I LOVE ways u all approach your style :D hie im malaysian... melawat blog sy okey :)


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