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Saturday, May 14, 2011

As you may know, last week, from friday to sunday, me with some of my friends join the La Codefin Bazaar. And at the first day, Lisa, a reporter from Jakarta Globe newspaper come and interviewed me about the Hijabers Community. Too bad that some of my friends from HC can't come, so there are only four of us represented HC. The article titled "Modern Hijabs Turn Heads" and published on Thursday, May 12th.

Before interviewed HC, lisa also interviewed hanna, fifi, and anne from Casa Elana. The article is mostly about trend of fashion in hijab. Thank you Lisa for the article and the opportunity :)

Here are some of the pic of me, kara, ola, and romiy at La Codefin, Kemang. The pictures are taken by Lisa *thankss again*

And here are what I wear. The hijab, cardigan, and pants are from my online shop, Nably Covered *except the wedges from UP*. Since, I was selling Nably stuffs that day so I think it's good to wear them, so people will be more interested to buy my stuffs ;)
I love the cardigan. I call it "long short cardi". why? because when we open the button it can be a longer cardigan ;)

See you again in the next post. I have a lot of pictures and stories to share, but let me share them one by one ;)..

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  1. all your outfits are gorgeous!x


  2. You look stunning as usual kak Fika!
    So I guess you're now really comfortable w your hijabers community, aren't you? :)

  3. hi! dear sister! i'm always amazed by your indonesian creativity and just absolute love your style!

    i too think that we can hold onto fashion and create wonderful modest outfit and be the best muslim still. good job! :)

  4. iiissss, makin sukses ya kak fikaaaaaa!!!!! kece2 bgt ya hijab communitynya >.< aku jd pengen pk jilbab. LOL hahahahahahahaha...

  5. fika, i gave u an award!!
    see it on my blog http://fashion-lens. yaa

    btw, what a cute cardi you have ;)

  6. iiih kipiiik keren amat masuk JakartaGlobe! :)


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