Hijabers Community Launching!! *finally*

Monday, April 11, 2011

I think I'm too late to post about it, because most of my friends already posted about this events in their blog. But, better late than nothing, rite? ;)
Since I didn't bring any camera that day, so most of the pictures that I post here is from friends who tagged me on facebook :)

I won't share much about the events because you can read about it from Hijabers Community's blog and another hijabers :)..All I can say is I had so much fun and very happy because I met a lot of new friends. All of the hijabers that can look so stylish and beautiful.

Anw, this is the photo of me in front of Hijabers Community wall of fame. The photos are taken by Studio 55, one of the event's sponsor :)

[Cardi - Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda *bought it at moshaict* | Dress - Cotton Ink | Shawl - Kami Idea]

Lulu is the one who create my shawl into like that. she is so creative :)..I love the result!!

and here are some photos that I got from friends :)

tia - tantri - me - ria - riri

me - puput - ina - tia *all of us wear an item from Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda ;)*

The committee with Irna Mutiara, the designer of Irna La Perle

phute - ussiy - me - mia

dilla - phute - ussiy - umi - me - rani

Now, meet all the committee!!

*the shawl is sponsored by kami idea*

Salam Hijabers!!! :)

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  1. OMG this is what we call stylish Hijabers!
    actually I feel something that all the Hijabers are having a very strong bond among each other, and that is a very happy thing to see.

    How I wish that everyone in Indo will have that strong bond among each other to help each other, regardless of race, color skin and religion!


  2. masha'allah you look gorgeous!! ;)

    xx khadija

  3. @Gilbert: awwww..thank you so much!! yess, I hope all people in Indonesia will have stong bond especially in helping others and create a peace situation ;)

    @khadija: alhamdulillah..thank you so much :)

  4. fika! u so pretty!!!!
    thats what i want to say.
    seriously my eyes keep watch ur first photo :)

    the others also pretty.go hijabers!!! :)

  5. oooh my, wht an awesome event! you all look gorgeous and kak, gilaaa cantik bangeeeeet! congrats w/ the launching yaa ;)

  6. cantik cantik semuanya:)
    follow u dear:)
    if u want visit me:)

  7. Ka fikaaa, aku baru liat ini di post di blog kamuu dehh :)
    thank you ya kk cantik :*

  8. Ka fikaa.. aku baru liat ini, ternayat di post di blog kk yaa :)
    aww.. thankyou so much much, hehe.
    kereenn kaa :*

  9. Ka Fikaaaa I miss youuuuuu hihihi.. I'm back to blogger! hehe I've been watching this Hijjabers Community since one month ago, and really proud of you and your team. I think women looks great with their Jilbab, beautiful-I admit, and the with all of yours stylish style make it perfect. I'm totally supporting this! =)

  10. hello kak fika it's me valo! hehe long time no visit your blog. now you have a really great way of wearing hijab comparing the first time you worn that hehe I still remember. really great kak :)
    anyway visit my shop if you have time ya kak <3

  11. thank youuu all :*

    @yofany: welcome back to blogging world dear.. miss you so much!! and thank you for supporting hijabers community :)

    @valo: hii,,sure, I'll visit yours :)


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