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From Oxtail To Moshaict

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My hubby celebrate his 26th birthday on April 4th. Since it was in monday and he must go to work, so I decided to have lunch with him at Pacific Place. The mall is located in front of his office, so we have time about an hour to finish our lunch :)

Me and the birthday man a.k.a my husband ;)

We ate regular oxtail soup and Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe. It was delicious and remind me of our honeymoon a few months ago. hehe. it is because the last night of honeymoon we also ate oxtail soup ;)

At that day, the main lobby of PP is decorated with love theme. Actually I wanna take a picture in front of it, but my hubby was in a rush and has to go back to his office.

Isn't it so cute and lovely? I love it!! ;)

Done with the lunch, I went to Moshaict at Cikini. There's something I have to do there :)..Inspired by lulu who posted a picture when she were at Moshaict, I want to do the same thing too :p

Right in front of the boutique, there is a wall of fame of Hijabers Community. So, I take a picture there. This wall of fame is actually made for the HC launching event in last march :)

And here are the pictures of me inside the Moshaict ;)

[Shawl&Dress - Kami Idea | Long Cardi - Kivitz ]

Thanks for reading the post :)

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  1. Sister, I'm holding a giveaway and I was wondering if you wanted to enter. Here is my blog and the details to the giveaway:

    I <3 your outfits!!

  2. love ure shawl. you look so great and beautifull.
    how to buy the moshaict stuff? do you have any link to their web? thanks :)


  3. @rabia: thank you
    @mixed minds: thankss,,but it's a dress actually ;)
    @prahmahita: moshaict is only an offline boutique, they don not sell the stuff online :)

  4. aku juga punya maxi cardi grey dari fitriii hehe bikin tampak nice deh hahaha

  5. happY milad untuk masnya ya..mudah2an sukses dunia akhirat n selalu jadi keluarga yang harmonis, amiiin..

    fika maniss banget..long dressnya juga kereen...suka coraknya..:)

    btw..selamat juga buat HC yang udah buka galeri hijab...jadi pingin ke jakarta ketemu sama tmen2 HC n mmpir ke butiknya,hehe....:)

  6. aaah.. sayang skali saya di jogja mbaa.. mungkin kalo main2 ke jakarta bakal mampir ke sana..

    hardly adore Moshaict's design. :)


  7. cakep deh bajunya ^^
    masih belum pede pake baju model2 begitu. heheheeh :D

  8. @prahmahita: yess,,the store design is so lovely..buat jadi betah lama2 disana..iya,klo ke jkt jgn lupa mampir ;)..hehe

    @ita: makasii..loh?memang knp ga pede?itu kan cuma maxi dress dan cardigan..hehe

  9. beautiful kak fika
    i love your cardi:)

  10. @aishi: iyaa,,cardinya enak bgt ya dipakenya :)

    @ratna: makasih ya ratna..ayoo kapan2 mampir ke jakarta dan liat2 butiknya..hehe

    @uchie, yiqin, olivia, ella: thank you soo much :)

  11. Cantik sekali... :) mau tanya, dalaman hijabnya seperti apa ya ? Keliatannya spt dalaman arab tp tertutup sampai leher. Jadi aman kalo pake shawl model itu.
    Thanks :)

  12. @itsmediana: itu namanya dalaman ninja atau headdress..ud banyak koq online shop yang jual :)

  13. You and your husband are too cute! :)


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