BYS Part 6 Day 2

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This post is still about the Blogger Yard Sale that held on last March..but specifically talked about day 2 :)..I took a lot of pictures at that day..and here are some of them :)

Me in front of the booth :)

the duo sisters :p

and here are some pictures of with the bloggers who also join the BYS :)
with Diana. She showed the book about recomended place for dinner date..hehe

with Olin. Simply stylish. I like the way she dress up :)

with lalita. the red bowler is so hot!

with wulan. look at the way she add a brooch and make a simple dress look gorgoeus ;)

with Fifi, the preggy woman.

with sissy or sabila. the youngest blogger who join BYS :)

Day 2 of BYS is so much fun because there are some friends who visit my booth and buy something ;)..hehe
with the beautiful lulu. I guess anything will look great on her ;)

with a beautiful mom, Mimi, and her daughter, Xebi :)

With Irma. She's my customer at Nably Covered and that is the first time we met and she wear a pants that she bought from my olshop. yay!! :D

with Umi. I know her because of Hijabers Community. Yes, HC makes me met a lot of new friends :)

With Ay.i, a friend from Female Daily forum. It was the first time we met :)

with some customers. My bad, because I forgot the name :(..if you read this post and you know who's their name, please tell me :)

with Etu, mba ayi, jehan, and wulan from the committee of Hijabers Community :)

Salaam from the bloggers who join the event ;)

I'm really happy cause I got a chance to join this event. Hope to see you again in the next blogger yard sale :)

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  1. TOOOOOOOOOOOTTAAAALLYYYY LOVE ur 2nd day outfit! the cardi and the shoes! POP out!!! will i look okay in ur harem pants kak? LOL...kinda like quirky and unisex clothes here...

  2. @ario: thank youuu...hmm..I think the harem pants can be use by man, although I don't see many man wear it. But, it depends on how you mix and match. Go try to wear it. I think you can do it very well ;)

  3. thank you mbak fika. you posted my photo I am the leftest one of your costumers that were forgotten the name by you. I am Silva =)

  4. Uhuuuuuyy.. ada fotokuu.. makasih ya fikaaaa.. :* Trnyata Fika cantiiikkk bangeett.. :)


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