BYS Part 6 Day 1 :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Finally I have time to update about the Blogger Yard Sale Day 1 :D..right after BYS I got a vertigo and can't online for a week..but now, I'm back on blogging!! Since I have much photos and too lazy to edit them, so I split the post about the yard sale, into 3 different post :D.. and this is the first post about the DAY 1 :)

I came late at day 1, so I don't take much photos about my booth..hehe..

Me and Fellow bloggers :)

With olin. First time met her and she is so nice :)

with the famous diana rikasari.. haha *I'm drooling her UP wedges!!*

with glinka.. she's so stylish.. love her style :)

with talita and ario *ario didn't join the BYS, he just stopped by and say hi. it was also the first time I met him. nice person :)*

and here are some photos of customers and visitors of my booth :)

after yard sale, me, nabil, wulan, etu dan etu's boyfriend had dinner at tawan :)..thanks for etu's bf who treated us..hehe
me - nabil - etu

salaam from me and nabil ;)

see you in the next post..
I'll post about day 2 of BYS and outfit post of BYS soon ;)

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  1. ka fika,,aaa aku juga pgn ktmu,seru bgt ya BYS aku sama sekali blm pernah kesana..ada lg kpn ka? :)

  2. asik asik, aku bajak fotonya ya kak fika! was really nice to meet u! see you next time!!! :p

  3. asyiknya yah..pengen jualan juga heheh

  4. kak fika sama kak nabil mirip banget deh ;)
    coba aku di jakarta, pasti dateng deh..

  5. aq repost foto ya mba fika,,
    linkin to you,,,


    kapan2 kita ketemuan lagi yaaa,,



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