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BYS Outfit Post :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

To avoid share too many pictures in one post I decided to post about my outfit to BYS in a different post with the event post :)

At Day 1, I wear all stuffs from my online shop, Nably Covered :)

sorry if the pictures are not in a good quality. As I said earlier, I didn't take much photos at Day 1 so I just had that outfit pic :(

At Day 2 I wore a cardi that I bought at Bandung (forgot the store), and harem jumpsuit from Shabby Chic By Ria Miranda, plus a platform heels from Retail Theraphy :). I hope the blue color didn't hurts your eye :p..haha

Actually I choose to wear the harem jumpsuit because before I went to FX, me and hubby must attend our friends wedding. So,I try to find an outfit that can go well to both event ;)

okay, see you again in the next post :D

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  1. I LOVE that jumpsuit! Are you going to be a part of HFW this May? Because your looks are awesome mashaAllah!

  2. @haute: thank youu :)..InsyaAllah I wanna join the HFW in may :)

  3. harem jumpsuitnya keren dipaduin ma cardi ^^

  4. Fika, ijin copy paste salah satu foto kamu disini yah, aq post di blog aq.. makasih sebalumnya fika.. :)check this out :

  5. Salam kenal k Fika..
    aku seneng lihat2 blog k fika lhoo, hampir tiap hari..:D
    oia, ngomong2 jilbab gambar yg atas sama bgt kayak punyaku, warna dan motifnya..hehehe
    what coincident..
    can we be a friend..?


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