My First Blogger Yard Sale!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Finally I have time to post about the blogger yard sale that held in Feb 25th-26th at Mazee FX. Me and my sister sold some second stuffs of us and of course some new collections from Nably Covered :)..We don't really bother about the income but we definitely had so much fun joining the event..Here are some pictures of the event


Me and Nabila in front of our booth :)

Besides me, there are also 9 other bloggers who join the event. But I just took the pics with some of them..hehe..anw, it's also the first time I met sabila and uchie :)
Me&Sabila - Me&Michelle - Me&Heidy - Me&Uchie

the crowd in the first day

And I got visited by some friends from Hijabers Community and another blogger :)

Me,Noi,Etu - Ina,Puput, Me - Wulan, Siti, Me

some of my friends from Hijabers Community :)

Me&Ria - Me&Mirra - Siti&Me

Hanna, Mba Anne, Me, Kara, Ola, Wulan


Me and Nabil

And the 2nd day,I finally took sompe pic with the other blogger who join the event. Look at Fifi and Shilla, they are soo tall and they use flats!! haha

Me&Fifi - Me&sonia - Me&shilla

At the second day, my brother in law&his girlfriend (Gama&Chika) visited me. And I also met windri for the first time in real life (finally)..haha

Me,Nabil,Chika - Windri&me

And here is the pic of my customer..Shinta&her friends bought the glasses. And Etu bought the snake bracelet..hehe

(almost) Full team of day 2

Nabila&her friends, vety, who also put some stuffs to be sell at our booth

And here are me and my hubby :)..

See you in the next blogger yard sale!! (hopefully)

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  1. :) Amazing effort. Looks like a really colourful and sociable occasion. Yard sales aren't really the norm in the UK but I'd love to have one this summer.

  2. hihihi... senang ketemu ka fika lagi :))

  3. great pictures kak
    kutunggu email-an poto2 nya ya
    abis itu baru deh posting di blog

    kalo ada event2 lagi,kabarin ya kak

  4. aah too bad I couldn't come.. it's been a while since the last time I meet you and the girls..

  5. sounds really fun! i wish i could join you guys there :/

  6. Seems like you had a lot of fun with all of the friends there :D Love the turqoise dress and shoes :D Huuuuuuuuuuuuugs !

  7. Omg how cool!!!
    Looks like fun n u look fab fika!

  8. ahaaaa,,, rame yaaahh,,
    akhirnya baru sempet dateng blogger yard sale ke 5,,

    love the crowd

    nice to see u mba fika :)


  9. aww the last photo is so cute.. i literally smiled when i read the word "hubby." i hope marriage is treating you well kak!

  10. ahhh, sayang bgd aku ga bisa dtg.
    mudah2an bulan maret ini udh bisa jalan2. hehe...
    sukses selalu, ka fika!!! :)

  11. you look amazing as always kak fika! ah i supossed to go to there to meet you! havent meet you yet for such a loooong time!

  12. waa... kayaknya seru, sayang bgt aku ga bisa dtg
    kl ga kn bisa kenalan sama fika :)

  13. Wahh senang sekali ketemu ka fika di dunia nyata hihi... Sukses terus ka fika..

  14. mauu datengg.. tp pas hari H malah lupaa! hhaha..
    smoga masih ada lagi yard sale yg ke 6 :p
    dan bertemu dirimu disanaa :))

    btw itu yg day 2 jilbabnya bagus deh.. gmn cara pakenyaa? ajarkann donkk :)

  15. kaaa you know what aku dateng looh hhehhee cuma kaka lagi sibuk gitu jd ga nyapa maap kakaaaa :3

  16. Great work and some great looking people u have...


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