See You At FX!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fashion Blogger Yard Sale Part 5 will come again and you'll find me as one of the participants :)

I'll sell some second stuffs of me and my sis which still in good condition with a great deal price of course, such as jeans skirt, loose top, dresses, pants, and also some cute accessorizes :)..

Beside that, you will also find some hijab friendly stuffs from Nably Covered, such as turkish hijab, unique shawl, cotton shawl, skirt, pants, and also dress :)

See you at MAZEE FX 6th FLOOR in February 25th-26th, 3-8 PM!!


Anw, wanna buy a cute Canvas Bag of Hijabers Community?
Order it NOW!! It limited and the price is IDR65.000 :)

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  1. padahal beneran nih mau skaliiii aja ikutan kesitu. tp kok slalu ada halangan ya? atau waktunya pengertian dengan kantong gw? hehehe
    anyway, good luck ya! smoga lapaknya laris manis (:

  2. waa pengen datang tapi nggak bisa :( tau-tau udah sampai part 5 eh blm pernah datang, pasti bakal seru ya. Goodluck ya, pasti laris manis tuh :D

  3. insya allah datengg :)
    murahmurah kan fikk? hhehe

  4. yeyeay. kudu musti dateng nih,, nyari masa aahh buat diarak ke situ :D

  5. I love your blog! Congrats!

  6. fika, ini aku ay.i yg di FD..hehe

    wah udahan donk ya acaranya sekarang..telat taunya :(
    btw, nablycovered nya cepet banget ya lakunya..hiks

  7. I was there but cheez I didn't know this event was held on that day. Misfortune :(


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