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Meet Up Reunion

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last saturday me and my sister, nabila, had a meet up with Clara and Onic at Nanny's Pavillon Pacific Place. We called out meet up as a reunion because we had a same meet up in 2009 (clik here to read our first meet up).

From January, Clara was in jakarta because she had an internship at Metro TV. Last saturday is her last day of internship and she went back to Jogja in Sunday. And Onic, eventough she stays in Jakarta, we haven't meet for almost a, I'm very happy to finally meet them..They are the first blogger friend that I met in person and both of them are really nice and humble person :)..

Me and Clara or I used to called her Depoy :)
*pssstt..before eat the pancake, depoy already eat that is her second meals..haha*

Nabil and Onic

here are the pictures of the four of us..taken by Onic's cousin, Brenda. Thank youuuu :)

We only met for abot 2-3 hours, but it was so much fun. We talk about anything especially about our daily life and activity, not only fashion or blog (because almost all of us are such a bad blogger :p). We're just like a real friend, not only blogger friend..Can't wait to see them again :)

What I wore:
[Turskish Square Hijab - Nably Covered | Purple Maxi Dress | Bag - Hana | Shoes - Zara]

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  1. woahhhhh i want to meet Clara from Sunflares Plethora, but too bad i can't :(.
    Btw i like ur Purple maxi dress :)

  2. wah kk asiknya bisa ktmuan lg sm mereka :) kk tambah cantik,cute dress

  3. What an update! You're not THAT bad blogger as I am... LOL.
    It was fun to meet you all really. I never expect to have such fashion-related talks all the time during my working routines so I feel relieved to have such an easy, relaxing conversation about life with you guys.
    Definitely gonna come back and meet you again, hopefully soon!
    Kisses Fika! Thanks for making a friendship, real friendship with me. :)

    lots of love
    clara x

  4. OMG kak fika! how I wish to meet you all although i have met clara last april, and which gonna be almost a year we haven't meet and Clara was also the first blogger friend I made, and I really feel that she is just like a friend, not just a blogger friend, she is just so friendly.

    I hope I gonna hop onto jakarta by end of this year or probably next year! and meet you guys there!


  5. omg i'm on your blog! tee heeee
    orang yg pertama ngepost nih (:

    thanks for everything yah fikaa..
    hope to see you again anytime soon :D

  6. Extremely lovely!
    such pretty pictures of you!
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  7. looks so much fun...and all of u looks so fashionable

  8. Aww.. how fun!! I always love Nanny's each and every one of it! ;)

    The Picnic Girl


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