Finally Come To Yard Sale :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Blogger Yard Sale has been held for the 4th times, but I only I came to the 4th event that held in the end of January..This yard sale is special because it held in 2 days, Friday and Saturday. Actually I came to the both days, but I came so late at the first day and didn't take any picture.

In saturday, before visiting yard sale, I had lunch with some of my hijabers friends. We also had a quick meeting about the launching on March.

Done with lunch, we went to the 6th floor where the yard sale was held. Hanna&Fifi from HijabScarf plus Anne were selling their collections. Besides that, Jezmine, one of the moslem blogger from Malaysia, also open a booth there. Here are some pictures from latest yard sale :)

Left: Me, Tia, Ina
Right: Jezmine and Me

Above: Tantri, Jezmine, Ina, Me
Under: Rimma, Ina, Me

The yard sale also became a reuion with some bloggers that I haven't met for such a long time..hehe..

Me with Michelle and Heidy

Before my husband picked me up, I also met with some new friends who win the quiz that held by Hijabers Community..Too bad, it was so quick and can't chit chat with them..
Dilla - Puthe - Niken - Umi - Rani - Ussy - Me - Nisa - Rimma - Ina

See you in the next blogger yard sale..hehehe

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  1. kali ke 4 ini yah baru ada fshion blogger muslimah yg ikutan jezmine n fifi+hanna
    jezmine memang ciamik dalam berpakaian colour full !!!

    sayangnya saya berada jauh dr jakarta :)

  2. finally met ka fikaaa, ternyata aslinya mungil banget hehe semoga bisa ketemu lagi dilain kesempatan yah kaa :)

  3. kaaa, how come i didn't meet u there? :(

  4. ihhiy ketemu ka fika ka inna sama ka rimmaa, aslinya semuanya cantikcantiik :D

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  7. How can i get information about this sale, ka Fika? I wanna join this :) thanks ka fika

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