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Late Honeymoon Outfit

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In this post, I promise to post my outfit in honeymoon last December at Bandung. But, I just had time to post it now. I won't tell any stories about the honeymoon here, because you can read about it on my wedding blog :)

So, here are the outfits :)

[Hijab - Jenahara by Ida Royani | Dress - Cotton Ink]

[Harem Pants - Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda | Cardigan - Minimal]

From the photos, you can see that I only brought one sandals and one bag :D..Yess,I just wear a simple outfit on my honeymoon..Oh Gosh, I want another honeymoon!! :D

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  1. I LOVE THAT COTTON INK red dress kak fika :)
    congrats yah uda honey-moon-an juga heheheh :) time really fliesss !!
    i love the baggy pants too !

  2. amiiinn, moga2 segera ada kesempatan lagi buat second honeymoon ;D

    btw kalo pergi2 gitu emang paling praktis bawa 1 alas kaki & 1 tas aja...
    and you show the world you can be stylish without looking boring, just by bringing one bag|one sandal! rock girl!! ;)

  3. cool outfit! The harem pants really suits you. Kalo ak yg pake pasti kaya aladin nyasar :D

  4. Fikaaa :)
    suka sekali liat harem pantsnyaaahhhh! :D

    gimana honeymoon nyaa? senengnyaaa yang udah hanimun hihihihi

    btw ive got an award for youu yaa Fikaa,,


  5. @michelle: hiii..thank youuu..miss you so muuch!! hope to see you soon ;)

    @vdcouture: thank youuuu!! yess,,honeymoon is so much fun :D

    @dek.indah: makasii yaa

    @tia: awww..makasii lhooo..iyaa nih,mudah2an bakal ada 2nd honeymoon!! :D

    @sari: hehe..pasti dikamu jg akan terlihat oke..aku awalnya jg ga pede, eh lama2 malah ketagihan..haha

    @myria: thank you for the award!! ayoo nyusul nikah biar bs honeymoon..hehe


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