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Monday, December 27, 2010

I know, it's been quite long since the last time I posted in this blog..Really sorry for the lack of updates..I've been soo busy with the wedding, and I update my wedding blog more often because there are a lot of things I wanna share there..hehe..And I haven't take any outfit pics lately, but, of course I will not neglected this blog so I also wanna share a little stories about the wedding :)..

As I said in my twitter, the wedding was held in 3 days with 4 costumes. Yesss!! it made me really tired, especially because I have to wear a sunting in my head that is very heavy. I won't talk much about it because I already share them in my wedding blog, so just let's the pictures talk ;)

First Day - Wedding Ceremony or Akad Nikah
The Akad Nikah was held at my house and there are only closest friends and family that were invited. At that day I'm officially became Delon's wife :)



akad jotd

Second Day - Wedding Reception in Acehnese
It was held at Sasono Adiguno TMII. Most of the guest are my parent's friends. But of course there are also me and Delon's friends that come. hehe. And the sunting that I wore on my head was very heavy.


The pictures are taken and edited by my friend, Sendy. Thank you dear :)

Third Day - Wedding Reception in Padangnese
I can say this is the most tiring day. Because it was held from noon to night at Delon's house. I also have to change the costumes, from the Padang costume into a kebaya. The sunting that I wore in that day was also heavy but not as heavy as Aceh's one. Because this is a modern sunting :)..But still, wearing it for more than 4 hours made me soo dizzy. haha



kebaya padang

All of the pictures are taken by friends and cousin. The pictures from the photographers are not ready yet. And this is also the first time I shared them in blog. I haven't shared them on my wedding blog ;)

See you in the next post. I will share about my honeymoon outfit..hehe

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  1. Kak fika, cantik banget :) :) cantik bener cantik, seneng ngeliat wajahnya, selamat berbahagia yaahh :) selamat menempuh hidup baru...

  2. eh kak, btw, di foto pertama itu aku rasa-rasa kok mirip katy perry yah? (katy perry juga habis nikah) hihihi kkak cantiiiiiik

  3. Wow...U really look like katy perry... :)

  4. congrats kak fika! i wish you and your hubby could have a great journey until the end of time :D

    xxoo, Aisa

  5. Congratulations!!!
    Semoga menjadi keluarga yang Sakinah, Mawadah, Warohmah.
    Hey you're so beautiful. :)

  6. Very..Very..Very..GORGEOUS!!
    Congrats Dear *hugs

  7. fika...selamat menempuh hidup baru ya sai...
    mudah2an menjadi kluarga sakinah mawaddah dan warohmah..amiin

    kamu cantik banget..^_^

  8. hi..

    congrats on your wedding.

    i love what you did with your hijab!! my sister's to be wedded next year and we are still thinking of ways on how to design her hijab in a fashionable way.. are there any sites you can recommend about hijab how-to's?


  9. wow fika, look at you... beautiful bride... semoga bahagia selalu.
    btw, rumit sangat model jilbabnya, sangat cantik :)

  10. selalu suka kl liat pengantin aceh.
    entah knp?
    aplg kl cantik begini. tambah doyan deh hehe...
    btw, itu nyanyi apa beduaaa? lucu bgd :)

  11. fyka!!
    u look so beautiful MasyaAllah!!
    congratulations on your wedding dear..n may u lead a happy life with hubby forever after! :DD

    luv, Shea

  12. Fikaaaa kamu cantik bgttt...
    sekali lagi selamat yaaaa atas pernikahannya, mudah2an langgeng dan dapet anak yg lucu2 :)


  13. Congratulation for your wedding and became Delon's wife :D
    do you know that you look beautifull with your wedding dress.
    once again Congratulation for you.

  14. hay kak fika! congrats ya heehe sori aku baru ngucapin. been sooooooo busy heehe. btw long time no see, can we arrenge another meet up? heehe

  15. Subhanallah mbak, kamu cantik banget..
    aku suka yang adat padang itu..
    trus trus, jilbabnya juga kereeenn...
    btw, ada foto yang pas di make up ga yaa?
    pengen liat make up matanya :)

    btw, selamat menempuh hidup baru :)

  16. so pretty ,
    congrats for your wedding :D

  17. once again congratulation kak!
    all the best for you & your husband :D

  18. Subhanallah cantiknya....
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru. Hijab do nya bagus banget. Selamat menempuh hidup baru.

  19. thanks a lot all for your wishes!! really appreciate it :)

    @amalia: hahaha..katy perry?becandaan dia..dilihat dari sisi manapun ga ada yang mirip..hehe

    @ian: must be kidding :p

    @scarletwalks: If you ask me about the web, I can't help much, because I got inspirations from local magazine and the jilbab do is the stylist's idea :)

    @fitri: Delon nyanyi 2 lagu, salah satunya Endless cuma pegang mic doank ujung2nya dipaksa nyanyi bungong jeumpa lhoo..hahaha

    @regina: sure!! we shud meet up again :)

    @wasurenagusa: adaa,tp masih difotografernya..nanti deh klo ud ada aku post, tp yang di wedding blog diblog ini..hehe

  20. Congrats dear! May Allah bless your marriage, amien :)
    masha'allah you look gorgeous!! ;p


  21. cinta deh ama outfit pas akad fik! :) itu semuanya make up by Mba Ugi ya?

  22. nah ini niy foto yang ditunggu2... cantik banget fik.. manglingi.. ^_^

  23. halo fika i found your blog when i learned about nominee sisters in the 2010 best blog award. and somehow i realize that you are my brother's college friend! my younger brother is now pursuing his master degree in nottingham. got a clue? :D
    anyway.. congratulation on your wedding.. you are soooooo beautiful, fika :) oh iya, semoga menjadi keluarga yang sakinah mawaddah dan warohmah ya.. amin amin ya Allah :)

  24. congrats for your wedding kak :) wish you longlast forever :)

  25. So beautiful! Wonderful and fabulous! Very chic outfits! Wedding outfits look as fairytale.
    Be happy!

  26. kak, happy belated new year :) how's your married life going on so far? hehehe i wish you a plentiful bliss and a marriage full of blessings

  27. waahhh selamat yaa say... mudah2an jadi keluarga sakinah, mawadah, warahmah, amin... kamu cantik sekalii aku pangliiinngg n_n
    aku ada award buat kamu.. jemput yaa

  28. wuih cantik2 semua fikaa... mantaaab.. beberapa foto malah mirip artisss..hahahahaa.. ^__^

  29. Happy wedding!
    blog walking x)

  30. Tante Fika cantiiiiiiiiiiik sekali...
    selamat ya Tante..

    habis nih
    ditunggu tunggu
    kapan ada adiknya
    biar Dija punya teman...

  31. Tante Fika cantik banget!!

    selamat ya Tante Fika...

    habis nih ditunggu
    kapan ada adik bayinya
    agar Dija punya teman

  32. you look happy and beautiful...

  33. hai Naril..selamat yah! semoga sakinah mawaddah warahmah..amiiin :D

  34. Cantiik bangeet deh ka fika. . . :)


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