Pearl & Rainbow At Jakarta Fashion Week!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

warning: this post included a lot of pictures

As I said at my previous post, I will attend the Jakarta Fashion Week for the APPMI show. It was a great show and there are 7 designers who performed today for the category 'Moslem Wear'. I love their design and I do really enjoy the show!!

But at this post, I won't share the pic of all the seven designers. I just share two designers that I love the most. They are Irna Mutiara who opened the show and Dian Pelangi who closed the show :) *In English, Mutiara is Pearl and Pelangi is Rainbow*

These are some pictures that I can take from my standard digicam. So, please mind the blurry result :)

Romantic Return By Irna Mutiara

Super in love with the harem!!

I think it was the first time I saw Irna's design in RED..gorgeous!!

The fabulous Irna Mutiara *I love the shoes!!*

Estranged By Dian Pelangi

I really love the color sweet!!

the outer is soo lovely!!

Marshanda *Indonesian Artist* as the Dian Pelangi's Icon

Dian Pelangi and the models *Super in love with the dress that Dian wore*

After the show, me and my hijabers friends were taking some pics. We also had early dinner at Urban Kitchen and some of us continue to drink at Pancious Pancake while waiting the traffic become more friendly ;)
Here are some pics of us.
almost full team

Me - Riri - Tantri

Bibil - Me - Wulan
Me and Lulu *She is a wife and a model ;)*

Me and Dessy

Me and Ria

Me and Ina *she is a singer and will launch her 2nd single soon!!*

Me and Jehan *she is pregnant for her 2nd child now..congrats dear :)*

Me and Romiy

Besides have a great day with my hijabers friends, I also met Dinda of Love Ice Cream. It's been quite long since we planned to had a meet up. And finally today we had a meet up :).. *sorry for make you waiting while I'm watching the show dindaa..It was really nice to meet you*

And this is my outfit for JFW. The dress code is beautifully black.
[Hijab - Gift from Delon | Unbranded long tee&pants | 3 color collar dress - Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse | Bag - Christian Dior | Shoes - Retail Therapy]

Now it's time to sleep because I'm super duper tired and in a couple hour I have to work again. Have a nice day all !!

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  1. Awesome fikaaaa!
    You know I always adore how people could dressed Hijab-outfit that way, amazing. I love the pale colour on the first set, elegant look!!
    I'm happy to see your consistency on being full-hijab bloggers, it brought me to an admiration of the diversity in the blogsphere.
    Keep the wonderful work, Fika.

  2. wow can't wait kapan"ketemu lagi kk
    nice to meet you too...

  3. manteeeep...
    aku telat dtg sih jd ga bisa foto2in pas di catwalk. huhu..
    good job ka fikaaa..
    see you on next hijabers gathering.

  4. awww what a great post... you guys were soooo lucky to attend those gorgeous show!! :D
    alhamdulillah, looking at those beautiful outfits, who says wearing hijab couldn't be fashionable? :P

  5. those are great photos, the light in the background made it dramatic :D
    Too bad I didn't attend that show, itu Dian Pelangi sama Irna Mutiara bagus bagus bener yah bajunyaa.. seneng banget lihatnya..thanks for the pics!


  6. envy envy envy.. haha ga pernah bisa ikutan acara si hijaber2 cantik ini deh huhuhu..
    i love dian's dress too..
    and you look more beautiful d kaak, :) bntr lagi kan ya weddingnya ? smoga lancar ya smuamuanya.. amiin .
    :) :) :)

  7. Love Irna mutiara and Dian pelangi's collection too..keren2 ya..

    aku kenal karanya. temen sekolah dari SD. sama rommy juga aku kenal.Next time, kl ketemu lg aku sapa ya..

  8. wow... great show...
    and the hijabers look a like a models too..

    love your outfits kak :)

  9. ka fika,iaa udah lama ya ga ktmu di blog :) akhir2 ini juga jarang post..seneng nya bisa ke JFW.satu kali aja aku ga pernah,.
    kk keren..always stylish even wear hijab!! you did it well kak.
    semuanya cantik2.

  10. oh wow! i never imagined that hijab fashion show could be so dazzling like this! love the beautiful colors and patterns <3
    and you look super cute with that dress, fika! and all the hijabers look fabulous, too =D

  11. wow, kaget banget lihat rancangan Irna Mutiara yang merah menyala itu...
    tapi tetep aja, luar biasa indahnyaa

  12. foto yang bareng bareng itu, cantik cantik semua Tante....
    Dija pingin ikutan foto juga di situ
    biar ikut cantik juga


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