Fashion Tendance 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Monday, I was invited by Wulan to Fashion Tendance 2010 at Hotel Mulia. Actually, I also got the invitation from Dian Pelangi who showed her designs at that day. Beside Dian, there are Anne Rufaidah, Fenny Mustafa, Hannie Hananto, Ida Royani, Najua Yanti, and Nieta Hidayani who show their muslim wear collections.

This this the second fashion show *the first one is Jakarta Fashion Week* that I watched and I'm so excited. From all the designer, I really love Dian Pelangi's collection. Not because I know her in person but it's because the collections are superrbbb!! I love these collection much better than the JFW :)..She's so talented on that young age.

I don't take any picture at all from my camera that day. So, all the pictures that I posted here are belong to Mba Egin and Tia *thank youuu*

This is one of Dian Pelangi's design. I really love the color gradation. All of them are perfect!! And the model in this picture is Lulu. She's awesome!! *look at the pic closer and you can see me with the blue veil in the 2nd row there :p*

Me and Dian after the show. I love her skirt. And you know what?this is the fave pose of Dian. hahaha

Here are the pictures of me with my lovely hijabers friend. Since in the JFW we wore black outfit, now we decided to take colorful as our dress code :D

For more review about the event, you can read on Influential Berry by Wulan, Kivitz by Fitri, and Haura Insiyah by Ola :)

Anyway, please meet two bride to be!! This is me and Putri. We will be getting married on early December, she's on 4th and I'm on 11th :)

And this is the closer look of my hijab style :)..If you want to know to make it, just visit Lulu's blog..she already made the tutorial..

Now is two weeks before my wedding and I can't think of anything anymore..Time flies so fast.
Happy weekend!!

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  1. fika...pengen nih..sayang surabaya g ada acara beginian dan fashion blogger muslimah di sby cuma kenal tia aja hehe
    hari ni semua ngeposting acara yg sama yah, kompak deh hehehe

  2. so awesome <3 i went there for the evening wear though! super cool right :)


  3. That's inspiring.
    It is my first time seeing fashion blogger like this!

    Great post

  4. huhuhu,,,smua pada posting kaya gini...
    pengen ikutaaan...

  5. you looks amazing:)
    Looks liek a great tenance! bet you had a lot of (fashionable) fun:)

    love from belgium

  6. masyallah cantik2 banget ya hijabi2 indonesia..^__^

    jadi pingin ikutan..cuma sayang ini jauh di jogja..T_T

    btw, modelnya jilbabnya fika unik2 ya..cantik2 banget,...jadi pingin nyoba..hehe...

  7. kereeeeeeeeen....
    aku suka foto bareng dengan colorful outfits itu
    so colorful and bright

    senang rasanya sekarang muslimah berjilbab bisa tampil begitu cantik dan up to date banget

  8. susah gak pake jilbab nya Tante Fika?
    Dija pingin tuh, kalo udah besar..

  9. kak. to be honest this kind of hijab style fits you the best! hihi cantiikk :D :D

  10. Dearest sweetest Fika, just a short note to say that I've received the necklace! It's wonderful and everything I wished for! Thank you sooooooooo much for it:)

    Love love,

  11. waw, cantik kak pake warna biru ;) thanks for dropping by on my blog the other day ;) i already follow you before, pls follow me back if u like kak ;) salaam...

  12. gaya jilbabnya keren2 deh mbak?
    boleh bikin tutorialnya ga mbak? thx ^^

  13. ka fika ka fika itu shawl nya beli dimanaa? kaos gitu kan ya kaa? kasih tau dong kaa :P


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