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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now, here we come for the Day 2 of Hijabi Fashion Week!! I'm so happy I can join this online event..It's so great to see a lot of great style from other hijabi bloggers :) The theme for the Day 2 is "What would you wore on Eid?"..

In Indonesia, the government said that Eid *Idul Adha* will be celebrate on Wednesday. But there are some Muslim in Indonesia who celebrate it today in Tuesday. For me, both of them are right. It depends on what you believe. Me and my family decided to follow the government and will do Shalat Eid on Wednesday :)

And this is what I will wear to celebrate good times on Eid :)

[White Kebaya - Bought at Jogja | Mom's skirt | White pump shoes | Unbranded hijab | random accessories]

I'm so sorry because the lack of lighting :(..I took these photo at night in my sister's room with the so-so light. I hope you can the pics clearly. I try to share some better quality pics in the next post of HFW :)

Like the first day of HFW, if you want to see the looks from other participants, just go to Em's blog, Modesty Theory. You'll be amazed with their awesome style :)

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  1. kebayanya maniisss banget fika..^_^
    kesannya anggun..

  2. I like the colour combo, and ur hijab style is so chic.

    Eid Mubarak :)

  3. perpaduan kebayanya bagus kak :) cantik!

  4. happy idul adha for you!have a nice one:))


  5. i like your batik skirt <3 you look so great!


  6. Your ourfit is great, I adore the pattern of your long skirt :)

    PS: By the way, the fashion week I attended, Cluj FW, was a dissaster.:(

  7. skirtnya cantik bangat.. kamu tampak anggun skali..

  8. huaa kak fika! long time no chat haaha. so like always, you have a cool oops im wrong. a superb cool style.

    dont forget to check out my newest post and comment on it yaaa

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  10. kreeen.... aku tau blog kamu waktu liat rubrik tips di site-nya gogirlmagz... dan ak kagum bgt waktu liat kamu yg berjilbab n bs tetep punya style fashion yg oke bgt... kereen.... walopun ak ga ttep ak kgum.... <3


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