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Sneak Peek Of My Prewed

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As I promise you, here are some photos of my prewedding photoshoot a couple week ago. The photographer *my cousin* said that the photos doesn't turn as good as we want. From almost 200shots (or maybe more), he said there are only 2 or 3 pics that can be published. But, actually Delon and I think at least there are more than 3 pics that we can use. We knew that the photos are not the best one, but they're still okay..

We still have to take another photoshoot indoor and (maybe) outdoor. But we are not sure about it because we can't find a perfect day, that's both me and Delon is in day off. So, just wait and see..I hope we still can find a good time to take another prewedding photoshoot :)

Anw, the photos that I share in this post were not taken by my cousin *except the photo above that I used as my twitter avatar :)*.. The photos were taken and editted by my cousin's friend. He's still learning about photography and my cousin is the teacher..haha.. if I'm not mistaken, this is the first prewedding pics that he took. For me, the editing seems too much, but that's okay..hope you enjoy the photos!! :)

*Click the photo to enlarge*

Actually, there are some other photos that I shared at my wedding blog. Just click this link if you want to see them :)

Anw, have I told you that the white dress that I wore on those photos is missing? yess,,it was left in the public toilet at Ancol. I just realized that it was left when I got home at night. So, there's no way I can go back and take it back. My mom and sis pretty sure that if I go back the next day it already gone. But, I'm ikhlas for letting the dress go..haha

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  1. waaa congrats kak!
    fotonya bagus2 kok, cantik :)


  2. nice pictures! those shots are amazing kak :)


  3. congratulation !!
    good luck for everysingle thing for the wedding :))


  4. Fikaaa cantiiik :D
    akhirnya baju putihnya jahit lagi kah? *pembaca blog weddingmu nih.. katanya yg putih ilang di Ancol hehe*

    hehehe sukaaa ama poto2 yg lagi pake baju ungu, casual romantis gimanaaa gitu :P

  5. So romantic. hehehe

  6. lovely pic ka..all the best ya :)

  7. Fikaa.. I love first and last pictures!

  8. congrats kak! moved to breepluse, relink me :)


  9. ka fikaaaa yg ungu foto pertamanya kereen banget subhanallah. :)

  10. I like castpoll too! both of them are stylish and have a great outfit!!

    hey check out my online shop in fb
    we sold many vintage things, so come and join us :)
    sorry for spamming ^^

  11. wahhhhhh ka fika bagus2 bgt fotonya, ka fikanya juga cantik
    itu fotonya di Ancol smw ka?
    jd pengen cepet2 married. hohoho

  12. cute pictures

  13. Aaaah i'm really happy for you kak :D Sebentar lagi ada yang nikah nih hihi. Nice preweds picts there!

  14. I love the vintage which is fully yellow color :)

    I see love in every photos :)

  15. suka sama yang nuansa ungu...
    kelihatannya romantis gimanaaaaa gitu


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