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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Been quite long since my last post. This is only a quick post. I just wanna share the outfit that I wore so long time ago but I had no time to post it :(

Daily look

Daily look

And the top that I wore is my RIP beloved aunt's. After she passed away, my mom took some of her stuffs and me and my sister use to wear it. Every time I wore her stuff, I do miss her a lot. Sometimes, I forgot that she not here anymore. But, I'm sure she's a lot happier now in heaven. amiin

This is the closer look of the hijab style
hijab look

In this post, I also want to apologize to all of the reader that leave a comment in my blog but I haven't reply it..I do appreciate it and very happy every time I read it. It boost up my mood :)

Since the wedding day is getting closer, most of my time was used to prepare all the stuffs that haven't finished yet. And when I'm online I used to update the wedding blog more often, coz there are a lot of things that I want to share. So, I rarely visit this blog lately. For you, who speak bahasa or understand it, just visit my wedding blog if you don't mind. I'd love to hear some feedback from you all

Anw, I just did a prewedding photoshoot andI think I'm gonna share some photos in this blog. Anyone interested to see it? *please say yes!! :p* Just wait for it ;)

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  1. good luck for preparing your wedding! :)


  2. Hey Kak Fika!

    I hope that GOD will take care of your aunt now! I think she is so blessed to have nieces like you and kak nabila who love her so much!

    and I want to see the prewedding photos! 2 aren't enough! I want more and more!


  3. cant wait to see ur prewed photos, fika :)
    anw make ardelya nya bagus, jadi nutupin data gitu.

  4. ka fikaa hows the prepare?? udh berapa persen? hihi...
    i've read ur wedding blog, forget about the story, i love ur prewed pict u look so beautiful and islami kaa..


  5. ME! Me wanna see the prewed shoots! Hehehe

    is that grey? I thought it was in purple shades! :D

    Your aunt's top is really cute, Fika! may she rest in peace, ya.. And I think she is already smiling seeing you wearing her stuff beautifully :D

    Wow, its already october! Time does fly too fast ya Fik. Your wedding will be held on November, ya? :D Good luck, really hope everything goin great on that day!

    I Wear Plain Clothes and I Love It

  6. nice look <3 can't wait to see the pre wed shots :) and you look gorgeous as always!


  7. can't wait for your prewedding photos! goodluck for everything fika :)


  8. hehehe will be waiting for your prewed photo shoots!
    *I'm a silent reader of your wedding blog heheheheheee
    Good luck!!

  9. i'm one of them who interested to see your prewedding photos! can't wait. :)

    Flickering Moonlight

  10. *blogwalking

    nice blog dear :))
    love the way u mix n match with ure hijab :))


    *following you now :))

  11. nice outfits kak Fika, nice colour... love it...

    and can't wait to see your prewed. photos kak, it's will be great! :)


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