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One Side or Two Side?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just wanna share a new hijab that I bought from an online shop named Claroshop :D..In one set included veil *the shocking pink* and headdress *the grey inner*

I wore it yesterday to my friend's wedding and a little meet up with my girls!!

Now,let's the pictures talk by themselves :)
Daily look

hijab look
[Denim Dress - ITC Kuningan | Hijab - Claroshop | Shoes - Nabila's | Clutch - Mom's]

Daily look

Hijab look

Which style is suit me better?

Remember that I said that I'm joined the Hijab Scarf quiz for Ied look? (click here)
Luckily, I won it and the prize just arrived and I love it!! It's a super cute necklaces from MissMarina *the sponsor of Hijab Scarf* :) :)
Thank you for all of you who commented on the post..coz Hijab Scarf picked the winner based on the number of comments..I didn't know it..So, I must be thankful to all of you my sweet readers who make me win this cute necklace :) :) *huugss you all*

Anw, for you who curious what is the the answer for the question in previous post..I'll answer it now :D..
there are 3 differences.
1) The shoes, one is wedges and the other is heels.
2) the inner hijab, one with the black one the one just the white lace.
3) black bangles, one I just wore one, the other I wore two bangles :D..
who answer it correctly? ;) one answer the third answer..

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  1. kak fika! you are back!
    kak fika kok ga coba pake veil yg kek selendang gede2 gitu punya? I think that will look very glam!

    and congrats of being the winner!


  2. i totally love the details on your top kak :) and you look gorgeous as always <3


  3. one side just better than two side ;)
    have a nice day.


  4. Selamat ya say. Aku tunggu penampakan kalungnya

  5. Selamat ya say, Menanti penampakannya ya kalo dah dipake

  6. Hi Fika! You looked gorgeous in that long dress and hijab.. I love it :)

    The November Girl

  7. congrats kaa :)
    i love the one side btw..


  8. congrats kak!
    Love your denim dress :)


  9. congrats for winning kak fika!
    love that purple colour!

    Castor Pollux

  10. congrats for winning kak fika!
    love that purple colour!

    Castor Pollux

  11. omg. I love your dress. cool outfit.

  12. yaaay! congratz..!!
    I'm very happy for also giving comment on your HS quiz post and you won that necklace because I knew it will suit you perfectly since you love wearing accessories! ;)
    waah beli Claro yg shocking pink y.. Fika bgt deh seneng yg shocking pink.. :D cakep..!

  13. i love how u matched the lipstick with the hijab kak fika :) :)
    and congrats for winning that giveaway prize !

    you look gorgeous !

  14. i love the cut.. looks good ^^

  15. fika, i just follow you.. hehe.. lebih suka yang one side, lebih oke keliatannya.. dan kalung pink nya bikin gw siriiikkk...

  16. cantik... suka deh, pengen beli dress yg warnanya gituuuu...

  17. Kak fikaaa, bajunya lucu banget! Beli dimana kak?

  18. congrats on winning the giveaway :) The necklace looks very pretty :D
    oh and by the way, i really like the dress you're wearing, lucuuu... jadi kpengen hehehe

    The fashion blog:
    The other blog:

  19. I had never seen a blog like this.I love it

  20. Ka fikaaaa~ wahhh rindu rindu!
    Ka fika pdhl bru yh pake jilbab, tp dah fariatif bgt makenya! Still looks stylish! :))


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