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Purple Wedding

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yesterday me and Delon went to my friend's wedding at a mosque in Sentul, Bogor. When I arrived at the wedding I kinda surprises because the wedding theme color is purple and I also wear purple on that day. It seems like I included in the committee. If I know that the theme color is purple, I think I'll choose another dress to wear :p..

The one that married is my friend from college in University of Indonesia majoring International Relations. Here are some pics from the wedding :)

pandu wed 3

pandu wed 1

and there are two my friends, Mario and Ainan, who can't come to my wedding on December, because they will go abroad at that time. One to work and the other to study. So, we took the early wedding pic :p..hahaha

pandu wed 2
Will miss them a lot :')

Anyway, back on end of July. I already wear the same dress to my high school friend's wedding. But I always forgot to take the picture. What I wore is almost the same.

Daily look

Daily look

But, at that wedding I went to my sister, Nabila, not with Delon. Because the party held in Friday night and Delon still at his office :)

The detail look of the purple clutch. It was my beloved aunt's clutch..I always miss her when I wore her stuffs :')..may she rest in peace know..

about my outfit, can you find the differences? ;)

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  1. hmmm beda nya kakak pakai item2 itu yah yg di daerah jidat (sorry kl ngmg nya blepotan.. since i dont know the name :( i dont mean to offence you if i get it wrong though!)

    i think u look great in purple ! :D

  2. kak fika! I really like your maxi dress! bahannya velvet bukan? lucuuu :p
    kak, follow me back please? :)

    smooch, diva

  3. hey kak fika! I found the difference!
    you wore a black wedges on the recent wedding and you wore a brown heels for the party that you attend with kak nabila!

    your aunt in Medan had passed away? may she rest in peace and may GOD bless her!

    I can't wait for your turn to get married!

    *ps purple is my favorite color!

  4. dress nya baguuss...
    kayanya wedges yg dipake beda de :D
    bener gag?

  5. salam...hi der,
    love d dress
    ]like a Greek looks..

  6. Fika, you look great in this outfit! Purple really works on you. Not many people can pull off this colour well, but you surely do. Love how you pair the maxi dress with the belt!

  7. love your Hijab! soo pretty.
    you should teach me how to do creative Hijab caz you seem to be good at it! ;)


  8. great outfit! love your dress so much :)


  9. enjoy reading your blog kak :)
    truly inspirational especially for moslems' fashion

    if i may guess, the difference between your two outfit is the shoes (?)
    you wore brown heels and then wedges

    am i right? *wink*

    Castor Pollux


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