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Monday, September 20, 2010

The wedding InsyaAllah will be held in less than three months and there are a lot of things that we haven't done yet. And last weekend I got days off on saturday and sunday from the work thingy and it's a very rare thing for me!! So, don't waste our time, me and Delon looking for the wedding souvenir, fitting the reception costumes at the vendor, and finalizing the invitation design. Really happy coz there are some things that already done about the wedding preparation. More about the wedding preparation thing, can be read at our wedding blog "The Journey of DnF's Wedding"..but,it's written in Bahasa, so I'm sorry if some of you, esp the international readers, can't understand it..

Last Sunday me and Delon went to my cousin's house who handle about the invitation. We talked about the design..Since the receptions will held twice in two different days and different places, so there will be two different invitations too. The designs are same, but the colors and some details will be different..

Before went to my cousin's house, we had a quick date at Plaza Senayan. Actually we really want to watch a movie, like Sang Pencerah *Indonesian Movie*, but we have to skip it because the wedding thingy is much more important for us :)

These are some photos of my outfit last sunday

Daily look

Daily look
[Flowery top&long tee - Tanah Abang | Pants - Kochi | Bags&hijab - mom's | Shoes - Nably]

Look at the shape of the top!! I like it!! :D

The detail look

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I'm sending hugs and kisses to all of you friends and sisters!!

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  1. ih bridetobe!
    I like your belt detail and your top for sure! so vintage!

    omg! your wedding will be held for 2days 2night? haha like those fairytale!

    God Bless You all during these preparation. I hope everything will just go smoothly as what we hope!

  2. Waaa... 3 months left :D congratulation, Fika...

    BTW those outfit looks nice to you :)
    love the pants, hehehe

  3. Wew,,,,smangat ya Fik...3 bulan lagi...dan aku kurang dari 2 minggu lagi...akan segera meluncur ke wedding blog nya...

  4. hi Kak Fika. love your top.
    i just read your wedding blog and your story about "8.5 years of love" makes me smile. hihih. ahh I feel like i know what you feel a that time <3 must be so "deg-degan", right? hihi

    anyway, hope you have a nice day :)

  5. hip hip horreeyy... :D
    congratulation dear...
    maried like mee..

  6. waaa tinggal 3 bulan lagi?? semoga semuanya lancar2 aja ya.. Aminn

    Outfit kamu selalu bagus2 n cocok bgt sma kamu.. aku contek ya... hihihi... tas n celananya bagus bangeet.. :)

  7. God Bless You. Your are doing good preparation. Best luck.
    Thanks for share
    wedding songs

  8. I like the detail!!

  9. suka top nya ka, lucu....
    time is running out, 3bulan bakal ga kerasa, i hope evrythngs will be okay! ditunggu undangan nyaa....

  10. ka fikaaaa i'm in love with your bag. Hehehe semoga weddingnya nanti berjalan lancaar :)

  11. Fikaaa!

    cantik bangeet, really love the batwing blouse! and goodluck for the wedding ya, semoga lancar semua-muanyaa! :D

    by the way Fik, love the pants and the bag as well!

  12. waahhh my sister is going to get married on dec too.. lamarannya hari sabtu ini huhu seneng yaa pasti lagi rempong2nya yaa hhihihi

  13. nice looks and that top is gorgeous <3 good luck on the wedding preparation!


  14. hay... aku suka bgt blog nya mba fika... boleh tukeer link?
    btw congrats ya ka...

  15. menuju tkp wedding blognya...
    aku suka tasnyaaaa...^^

  16. congratz ka :)

    p.s shoes and muffins have been moved to


  17. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  18. celana n beltmu keren sekaliii... :D
    utk atasannya aku jg kebetulan jg punya yg model bgitu, lucu yaaaaa.. ;-)

    hayo2, semangaaat dengan wedding preparationnya.. \(^_^)/

  19. i miss kochiiiiii.. hahha udah lama gak ke mangdu.. :( btw, lovely!


  20. love your blouse! it's pretty!

  21. loving your style so far <3

  22. ur pants' very cool kak! :D\

    smooch, diva

  23. again, i'm loving your top. And i like this hijab style on you, you must wear this hijab style more often :) Overall look nya jadi keliatan kece gimanaa gitu ^o^ beneran deh :)

    The fashion blog:
    The other blog:


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